Spring wire for EV charging cable

Spring wire for EV charging cable

AG Electrical as a leading EV cable manufacturer in China has well usesd the spring wire into the different EV charging cable and provides users with different use schemes to the greatest extent, and saves storage space for users.So today AG will introduce you to the basic knowledge of spring wire:

1. What is spring wire?

Spring wire, also known as slingshot wire and spiral wire, is a kind of equipment connecting line that uses scalability to work.


2.Briefly introduction

It is generally made of TPU cable. The power connection used to control the movement of mobile devices can rebound quickly in a short time. It is widely used in mobile devices such as automobiles, machines, instruments and so on. According to the direction, there are mainly left direction coil spring and right direction coil spring.

By material: mainly TPU spring wire and PVC spring wire; TPU spring wire has special effects such as flame retardant, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, UV protection, wear resistance and hydrolysis resistance. PU material is more and more widely used as the preferred material of spring wire.

The material of AG is used by German imported TPU which is very stable in the quality performance.


3.Range of application

(1) TPU / PVC sheathed (shielded) spring wire for control system: applied to CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots, etc;

(2) TPU / PVC sheathed (shielded) spring wire for power system: applied to processing equipment, cranes, production lines, etc;

(3) TPU / PVC sheathed (shielded) spring wire for data / bus transmission: applied to EV charging cable,CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots, etc.

4.Explanation of spring wire diameter

(1) Spring wire diameter d: diameter of steel wire for manufacturing spring.

(2) Spring outer diameter D: the maximum outer diameter of the spring.

(3) Spring inner diameter D1: the minimum outer diameter of the spring.

(4) Spring pitch diameter D2: the average diameter of the spring.

Their calculation formula is: D2 = (D + D1) ÷ 2 = D1 + D = D - D

(5) t: except for the support ring, the axial distance between the corresponding points of the two adjacent rings of the spring on the pitch diameter becomes the pitch, which is expressed by t.

(6) Effective number of turns n: the number of turns that the spring can maintain the same pitch.

(7) Number of support rings n2: in order to make the spring bear uniform force during operation and ensure that the axis is perpendicular to the end face, both ends of the spring are often tightened together during manufacturing. The number of tight turns only plays a supporting role, which is called the supporting ring. There are generally 1.5T, 2T and 2.5t, and 2T is commonly used.

(8) Total turns n1: sum of effective turns and support turns. That is n1 = n + n2

(9) Free height H0: the height of the spring without external force. Calculated by the following formula: H0 = nt + (n2-0.5) d = nt + 1.5d (when n2 = 2)

(10) Spring unfolding length L: the length of steel wire required for winding the spring. L≈n1 ( Л D2) 2 + n2 (compression spring) l= Л D2 n + unfolded length of hook (tension spring)

(11) Spiral direction: it can be divided into left and right rotation. It is usually right rotation. If it is not indicated in the drawing, it is generally right rotation.

(12) Spring winding ratio: ratio of pitch diameter D to steel wire diameter d.


5.Product characteristics:

It has good flexibility and elasticity (the elongation length can reach 3-4 times the length of the original spring). It has good non-toxic and environment-friendly polymer. It has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance and climate resistance unmatched by other plastic materials, At the same time, it has many excellent functions, such as high waterproof and moisture permeability, windproof, cold proof, antibacterial, mildew proof, heat preservation, anti microbial, environment-friendly flexible cable, anti ultraviolet and energy release.

cold resistance, flame retardancy, oil resistance and wear resistance as we informed above. We can produce all kinds of spiral spring wires according to different occasions.


PLS feel free to contact AG for any question of EV charging cable,we are ready to give you the best solution.

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