The Connection Mode of Electric Car Charging Cable

The Connection Mode of Electric Car Charging Cable

Used to connect electric cars with power supply, the electric car charging cable is one of the key devices of the conductive charging system for electric cars. The performance of this kind of product will have a direct impact on the safe and reliable operation of the electric cars.

In general, there are two usage patterns for the electric car charging cable: one is to place it on the car and use it with the car in different environments; the other is to install it on the charging piles of the road, shopping malls, parking lots, hotels, garages, etc. 

Connection mode 1

The car charging cable can be used separately. Charging cables with two-way plugs connect electric cars to the AC grid. Active cable assemblies with car plugs and charging plugs seperate from each other are mainly popular in the European market.

Connection mode 2

The charging cable is connected to the charging pile. Connecting electric cars to the AC grid, and using cable assemblies and charging plugs permanently attached to power supplies is a connection mode mainly popular in the United States.

No mater what connection mode we use, the electric charging cable for electric cars may be affected by adverse conditions such as sunlight, weathering, oil stain, moisture, and freezing, and probably it will be bent and dragged in use, which will inevitably cause the cable to be scratched, worn, and crushed. Those are bound to pose greater challenges greater for flexibility, flexure and mechanical properties of the electric charging cable.

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